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水の旅 - MIZU no TABI -
Sustainability Story of its First Nursery Center, Kikunodaien


At Pioneer Kids, adults (certified nursery teachers) can explore together with children what children wants to know more about. Adults might not have seen even half of their knowledge which was told to the children. Therefore, we go anywhere we can walk by our feet and feel by eyes, noses, ears, hands and hearts. This is what we are seriously addressing as a pre-school education based on human welfare. If we listen to the voice of children even stoically, the world of learnings started to expand to the activities where fantasy and reality are entangled, that is what adults can never be able to plan for themselves. We believe that early education and care itself are “agentic, dialogic, and deep learning” 


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2019 We are planning a field trip to the water origin of Tamagawa River, which is located at the foot of Mt. Kasatori in Yamanashi Prefecture.

Our journey will continue….

● SONG 「かわはだれのもの♪」 ●
美しい多摩川フォーラム 第11回多摩川子ども環境シンポジウム

● 調布子育て応援サイト「コサイト」 ●

子どもと歩く 自然と遊ぶ その1
子どもと歩く 自然と遊ぶ その2

● 菊野台園 保育の様子  ●